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its difficult decision, painful decision but it was the right decision. >> dan: you won't be hearing that song this weekend after intense backlash.
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the new york city marathon is abruptly cancelled. i'm dan ashley. in the end 26.2 miles could not withstand the miles of criticism that the race sent the wrong message when the city is still recovering from hurricane sandy. this is a big about-face from the mayor michael bloomberg. he announced it on twitter. race organizers said logistics played a key role. >> a cancelled race. you have runner is from around the world here. we look we're on track for 40,000 runners. >> dan: now they are planning for next year. >> with scenes like this. >> this is your house right here? >> this is my house, it you'd to be over here. >> just posed like scenes like this forced the mayor to cancel
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the race. they have pallets 6 water and food. >> a lot of the provisions. >> but the picture that did not fit well with many in this city with hundreds of thousands still don't 6 power or large diesel generators guarded by security. >> how do you think your neighbors would like this? >> they would love it. >> there are children who are without blankets, without anything. then these generators is for that. >> the decision came hours after the mayor publicly defended the area? >> new york has to show that we are here and that we're going to recover. >> head of the marathon it was the toughest decision ever made. >> there were people the idea found it to be painful. as i said that is not what the marathon is.
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>> dan: new overall death toll from hurricane sandy has jumped to 165. fema says more than $18 million in federal aid money has been disburse sewed far. red cross has sent 4,000 workers to offer relief. and coastguard teams from alameda and novato are deployed to the east coast and they will provide port security and assistance operations. >> military will be trucking in feel to alleviate the long lines for gas. defense department will deliver 24 million gallons of extra fuel to the new york area and lift restrictions deliveries by foreign ships. aaa are reporting that half of the gas stations are closed, many because they are without power. pg&e is sending hundred more workers, 150 others were sent earlier this week from california. in the meantime, in manhattan,
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cheers tonight when their lights went back on. >> con edison had hoped to restore power to all of manhattan by tonight. it now looks like it will be tomorrow night so some blackouts may linger lo longer than that. across the entire region. three and a half million are still without power. statue of liberty is closed indefinitely. statue had reopened last week after a $30 million overhaul. >> we have a good samaritan story to bring you. joe ignored the risks to his own life to save a taxi driver who was stuck in the flood zone. he waded into chest high water to pump the water out of his suv. he says the driver looked like he was praying and preparing to
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die but he was saved and he is okay. the taxi driver is on the left and the other is on the right. moving on today is the first full day of operation impact where the california highway patrol is helping them stop a surge in violent crime. much of the focus is on east oakland. laura anthony rode along with the chp. >> that truck has no license plate. >> dan hill is cruising down international boulevard looking for probable cause. with the weekend fast approaching the goal for him and his fellow to keep an eye out for trouble before it starts. stopping a crime can begin with a traffic stop. >> drive-by shooting happen in vehicles and they have to get to and from locations. you can often find something like that in the vehicle,
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somebody who committed a robbery. >> last night we had 11 arrests which included arrests for driving under the influence, driving a stolen vehicle, warranty for arrest and drug violations. >> they won't reveal how many chp units are in the city or where deployed but it gives them higher visibility. >> many homicides and those guns have to be transit pord to and from scenes of cries. we find that individuals or groups do so by vehicles. >> today there was a health and safety fair featuring oakland police and the highway patrol. while everyone enjoys seeing the chp helicopter up close. it's the additional officers down on the street that they appreciate most. >> our patrol is going to be
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around and it's going to be much better. we have had problems in oakland and in this contemporary right here. >> alameda county sheriffs were supposed to set up n patrols in hot spots but that program hasn't started yet. >> dan: a spectacular big rig crash on i-680 in pleasanton is cleared and traffic is back to normal after being snarled for hours. sky7hd was overhead after the accident happened around noon. the truck crashed along the center divider and turned over blocking all southbound lanes. driver suffered only minor injuries. it took crews more than six hours to clear the wreck and clean 40 gallons of spilled diesel fuel. >> a 24-year-old transient is in the marin county jail on suspicion, kicking and dragging
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and swinging a puppy on the leash on the golden gate bridge. he was arrested last night after bridge police saw him kicking and dragging the puppy. he is charged with felony face prison time and fine.ould puppy is in the marin humane society animal shelter in guarded condition after the trauma it suffered. >> let's move to politics. one of the most talked about issues on the ballot next tuesday is proposition 30. its tax measure governor brown is pushing hard to pass that supporters say will help california schools. nannette miranda tonight has both sides of this contentious debate. >> all the talk about proposition 30. governor brown's tax measure centers around public school funding but a local representatives are worried about the other part of prop 30,
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prison inmate shift where counties must house thousands of low level inmates. if it fails tuesday, they are asking how can they afford this expense. >> if the money goes away, it's going to have a dramatic impacted on the way we do business. >> lawmakers have a history of taking money from one program to pay for another. constitution protection says politicians can't touch the money at all unless it goes back to the voters. >> next two budget years, show counties will get $6 billion in each of those years to take on the new inmates. >> the funding will still continue. >> but it is after that that worries officials? >> priorities may change, legislators may change, governors may change. we're pretty much at the whim so to speak of the legislative process. >> we're going to see major
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reduction in deputies, police officers on the street. which again would dramatically impact public safety. >> poll numbers show that it is a very tight race. >> dan: support is growing for the initiative to end the death penalty. a field poll shows 45% of likely voters support proposition 34 which would end executions in favor of life imprisonment. nearly one out of five voters remains undecided. >> proposition is going to be very close. it's going to depend on turnout. republican and conservative voters do tend to turn in and out higher numbers. more that democrats can turn out their voters the more that is going to affect the outcome of the death penalty. >> that melinda jackson and
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research director of the policy research institute. he is going to be joining us in the studio for election night coverage next tuesday, your voice, your vote. hope you can be with us for all the returns and analysis. >> surprisingly most inmates on california's death row are against proposition 34. why? that is because if it passes it would change inmate's access to lawyers. the state would still pay for lawyers for appeals but those lawyers would not be require to file habeas corpus petitions as they do now. opponents say if inmates want to get convictions overturned they have a better chance if they are sentenced to death rather than life because they have more legal assistance available to them. >> a lot more to get to. a political firestorm in san bruno. the governor defends the state public utility commission but some homeowners beg to differ.
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how do you evacuate a giant sea otter? >> we've got only a warmup coming our way. we may see record high temperatures next week. i'll show you how warm it will be in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> dan: also tonight, the teenager that will make you dizzy as she sets a new world record. mack lyon. a timely bible lesson the lord's way. churches of christ in the to have you visit one of worship assemblies. just do that? you will. week, will you?
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>> dan: there is a growing movement to remove the president of the california public utilities commission. michael peavey faces harsh criticism before and after the san bruno explosion. governor brown has been sigh len the on the issue until now. here is heather ishimaru. >> reporter: after the san bruno gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. they concluded one of the contributing factors was lax oversight by the cpuc. now, they have called for a commission drive for remoefl of
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the commission president. he still hasn't responded about peavey but they described to the lack of oversight as an embarrassment and disgrace and what would recommend day di that. >> i don't agree with that premise. we have very zealous and knowledgeable rh on the puc. >> i'm shocked. i'm trying to get to the point where governor brown. >> kathy lived up the street from the blast site. she started a petition drive and so far it only has 632 signatures. >> the fact you may have a problem make a good news story but it shouldn't be expected. things happen. we are human beings and then we restore it. puc has an important task and complex industries are under
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it's supervision and i think it's doing a credible job. >> san mateo assemblyman jerry hill was first to call for his removal months ago. >> the governor has to make new appointments to the puc and new commissioners but because of the process and structure of the puc it gives the president of the cpuc almost dictorial powers. >> we are not safe. we need somebody to look out for safety. >> san bruno residents are not alone in their petition drive. last week, san bruno city council approved a resolution calling for his removal and next week the san mateo county board of supervisors is expected to follow suit. he is former president of southern california edison and they said it play months to role in his current position. we asked him for a comment today and have not heard back. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> heavy some ron says tonight it will be early next greer
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before the richmond refinery is fully functional. one unit was heavily damaged by a massive fire that apparently was sparked by a leak in a pipe. before the fire it produced a quarter million gallons every day. the refinery would be operating at reduced capacity through the end of the year. let's turn to the weekend forecast. spencer christian is here and i think you're going to like what you har. >> it's going to be a rerun of summer as we get into monday and tuesday. live view from high definition sutro camera. nice view of the moon actually and that is interesting because we had thickening clouds during the late afternoon and early evening hours. despite the presence of cloud cover, we get a nice view of it. clouds not only near the coast but pushing over land, as well. obviously not very widespread
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extensive cloud cover at the moment. to our north, rainfall around crescent city and eureka. there is the cold front sweeping into the northern is part of the state. we are getting some of the clouds. temperature readings, 48 degrees at half moon ba. 50s everywhere else. 59 in antioch. no 60s on the map. clouds will increase overnight. sunny and warmer over the weekend and we may have record highs on monday and tuesday as it is going to get quite warm. low temperatures will be narrow rage in the low 50s. here is what is happening in the atmosphere, radar composite image, weak cold front in the northern part of the state, its weak front and going to fall apart as it sweeps inland, animation is 7:00 at night. the front fizzles. we do not expect to get any precipitation from this system.
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sunnier days tomorrow and sunday. it starts to warm up. by monday and tuesday, strong possibility some of record high temperatures for those dates, november 5th and 6:00 this 6. high temperatures mainly in the low to mid-70s. 72 at santa clara, san jose and cupertino. on the peninsula, highs of 69 at san mateo. 72 at palo alto. pacifica, 63. mild conditions at the coast for november. 68 degrees in san francisco. 64 in the sunset district. mid 70s in many locations in the north bay from santa rosa to calistoga to napa and sonoma. east east bay, 72 in san leandro. inland east bay, a similar range of highs. 73 in danville and concord. monterey bay, highs mainly in the 70s although just upper 60s at carmel and monterey.
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up to 80 degrees inland on sunday. set your clocks back saturday night. mid-80s inlanded a and o monday and tuesday. up to 80 degrees around the bay. low 70s around the coast. tuesday is election day. start the cooldown sharly on wednesday and thursday, clouds thicken and rain or showers by friday of next week. we've got rather sharp swings as the week progresses. >> great way to start november. >> dan: coming up here next, a groundbreaking new test for the world's first bionic leg, a man will need every bit of concentr
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>> dan: imagine having to build kind of noah's ark that couple of hours, that is what the aquarium is considering to save 12,000 creatures. paula ferris has the story. >> inside the crib of the aquarium. ocutopus aquarium surrounded by and is now without power. home to 12,000 animals including tiger sharks, sea otters and a baby walrus may need to evacuate. >> if the call is made to go it will be a massive effort. one expert says not only will specialized cages be needed but evacuating a shark alone requires a 12,000 gallon fish tank. as for the baby walrus, it was massive effort to deliver the baby to the aquarium.
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he weighs nearly 250 pound. throughout the storm zone we have seen heartwarming images and now the decision will be made soon whether it's recognize these animals, too. a man is prepared to push himself to the limit using a bionic leg. he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. she determined to climb the stairs of the willits tower on sunday. his leg is driven by his own thoughts. >> hardware is amazing. it's there and something exciting and fun. i hope we push the boundaries of what it's capable of. >> it's very advanced hardware. >> this prosthetic leg has a powered knee and ankle. when he pushes on the device, it read the intent and pushes back
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on him and propelling him upwards. there are half time shows and then there is virginia middle schooler did earlier this month. unbelievable. watch her go. she is doing hand spring. world record was 35. she did 38 straight and did it on her first attempt. she was so pumped she did it again. hitting 40. danielle followed that up and did 41 backyard hand springs. the trick is not eating beforehand. all right. we nay know who our president is before the election day. the outcome could depend on rg-3 does this sunday. also also from the campaign trail, new unemployment numbers will mean for the presidential
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race. the voters who will decide it. >> the underwhelming response to the ipad mini. find out what happens when you u]+w87@çoj
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>> dan: four days before we decide who will the country the labor department had a solid report. 171,000 people found new joq in october. what do the numbers mean for the presidential race? political reporter mark matthews
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with that. >> reporter: we're looking at 117,000 new jobs in the private sector for october which is 50,000 more than analysts had predicted. but unemployment rate went up to 7.9% because more people are out looking for work. that mixed bag describes the situation for steve slater and his brother andrew. steve is a musician and his brother is designer. >> he says his economy is improving. >> returning students and new students signing up for lessons. >> and web designer? >> i hope to get new work and build the new app. so far no good. >> there are more part-time jobs complete with seasonal hiring but it's not so easy to find the right job. karen had has a ba and masters
9:33 pm
in poetry after being laid off as a teacher the wine industry is where she wanted to work. >> in california, economists say the job picture is more troubled than for much of the rest of the country. >> we have a short term and long term story. >> she is co-chair of wage and employment dynamics. the private sector is growing jobs but the gross domestic product isn't growing as fast as it we should because we lose public sector jobs. >> its drag on the economy and drag on the recovery because in fact. public sector spending contributes to overall g.d.p. so we're not shaving off unemployment every month we are shaving off g.d.p. numbers. >> she says the deficit is a concern but it would be much of
9:34 pm
a less concern if the economy were more robust. >> dan: we are clearly in the homestretch now before the election. by some accounts the presidential race has been going on for 700 days. political analyst addressed that issue. >> it would be the most expensive deviceive and tightest election we're going to be faced in modern times of the political campaign. it's an amazing situation but many people are not waiting. >> turnout at the polls for early voting is at record numbers across the country. these lines are outside atlanta, georgia. today was the last day of early voting in the county for the november 6th election. same situation in broward county, florida, the wait took up to four hours. election day may be tuesday, but we might actually know the winner this weekend. you see sce 1936 the outcome
9:35 pm
of the last washington redskins home game has correctly predicted the winner of 17 out of 18 elections if you can believe that. if the red scans win, incumbent party wins, if the redskins lose so does the incumbent. they face the panthers and redskins are 3-5. we shall see. more precise election results, stay with "abc 7 news" on tuesday. get realtime results on we'll have live updates all night long and on -- we hope you will spend the night with abc news. >> hundreds lined up at apple stores to get their hands on the new ipad mini. what happens if it slips out of
9:36 pm
your hands? jonathan bloom has some insight. >> even before dawn close to hundred people waited in line in the downtown apple store for a chance to wrap their fingers around this. >> that is my new baby. >> she was here to buy a phone charger but she accidentally fell in love. >> i love it. i have been waiting for this for a long time. especially for women, it's nice to fit it in the purse. >> if you don't carry one of these bags. >> it's a little too big. >> it's great in a middle schooler's backpack. >> you think your parents are going to get you an ipad mini. >> probably not. >> i got four. i have four children. >> four ipad minis? >> wow. >> everybody in line. >> with thual a thual excitement will be shattered for the near 10% of owners that drop and break the tablet within the
9:37 pm
first year unless it's tougher. here is one company determined to find that out. >> three, two, one. >> square trade which sells extended warranties made this youtube video and a death match against the competitors. mini was the only tablet survived being dropped on its corner. none of the tablets survived the fall face down. but they say that is less important. >> you don't tend to drop something flat down. the corner is the first thing that hits. >> small tablets carry another risk. >> they fit in the toilet. >> here the ipad mini worked perfectly. they say your interest spad much safer inside that fancy purse.
9:38 pm
>> i don't know if i would take the chance. police search for a couple stealing mail in plain sight. a surgical technique that changing the
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>> dan: good evening, listen to this. in fairfield police are looking for a couple stealing mayor in the middle of the day. a neighborhood watch group provided this surveillance video. it shows a man and woman add taking mail in the laurel creek area. they have hit a half a dozen homes. one drives while one steals.
9:42 pm
they are advising don't leave mail in their mailbox and pick it up every day. >> health news, an improving surgical technique is changing the lives of thousands of breast cancer survivors in a profound way. carolyn johnson explains what this new procedure is all about. >> with two young children at home and facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, reagan hunt made a tough call. >> i made a quick decision i did not want it and i wanted a double mastectomy. >> it was preventing the cancer from recurring but merged in by breast reconstruction. they told her about an emerging technique that could improve her outcome. >> he kept reassuring me there was in place he would be able to make my result not only aesthetically pleasing but help
9:43 pm
regenerated some of the feeling in my chest area that was lost. >> that is what where the grafting comes in. it's been a huge change for us. >> we watched as the doctor performed a fat transfer procedure on another patient. they first placed silicon implants under the muscle tissue in the chest. while it offers shape they don't compensate for the lost breast tissue. >> injecting under the skin renders it more attractive and blood vessels grow into it and nerve grow it into a it. >> it's processed into a special designed needle that is designed for place zbly it delivers the fat in tiny droplets as opposed to lakes of fat. >> what is new is smaller
9:44 pm
injections help the graft to take hold and take place. >> it goes deep into the muscle layer, the muscle will hold the fat well. >> when the procedure is finished, cancer patients return to a shape that nearly identical to plea surgery form. >> what we are able to do is offer a nipple spiarlg procedure that is hidden and breasted can be replaced with a combination of an implant and fat grafting that heretofore has not been achievable with other methods. >> health is the most important thing but it's nice to know people who don't know what pief been through would never be able to guess. >> dan: the doctor says the grafting allows for a quicker recovery time. typically about ten days or so. who knew that mayor ed lee was
9:45 pm
such a good table tennis player.
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easy. >> dan: disney the parent company of abc7 and abc are making a monday a day of giving for victims of sandy. they are kicking off with $2 million to red cross. you can text to abc to give ten dollars to the relief efforts. donate to red cross by 1-800-help now are go on line at >> it's been quite the week for the san francisco's mayor. first he got to take part in the parade and victory celebration and he played ping-pong right
9:49 pm
out on market street. he went head to head with department of public works and channel his inner force. pretty sharp game. it took place at a ping-pong table set up the powell street cable stop. it was to promote a city project to add more public plazas and goal is to fight blight and crime in the area. >> more activities we have will lead to safer and more creative uses on our street. >> dan: project is looking at traffic patterns along market street and may expand bike lanes >> not too bad. >> he has nice form for the mayor. we've got nice formations of clouds to show you here on our high definition mount tam camera. time lapse view into early evening. look at the clouds as they move out over the bay.
9:50 pm
no rain yet but the arrival of clouds that will be with us overnight. then tomorrow, we'll see the sun start to come through as the clouds disappear. in the afternoon, sunny skies and mild conditions, high temperatures ranging from mid 60s on the coast. 65 in half moon bay. 68 in san francisco. to low to mid-70s in some bay side locations and fremont and palo alto into mid-70s in the east bay locations likes livermore and antioch and fairfield. 74 the high in santa rosa. 76 in morgan hill. on sunday, football at the oakland coliseum, raiders taking on buccaneers. mild conditions at game time. temperature is about 73 degrees. high temperatures in the mid-80s inland by monday and tuesday. billing warmup and record highs and cooldown later in the week by next friday. >> dan: thanks for reminding us about the time change. if you have the alarm clock app
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on the iphone you don't have to worry about the time change. it will automatically do it for you. download it for free at our app store. larry beil, a little hoops action. >> warriors opening at home with high expectations and almost dashed immediately. an injury to brandon rush. latest on his knee.
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>> dan: coming up tonight at 11:00, a controversial topic, paying a stranger for a moment of intimacy. a sexual surrogate. and facebook employees are unloading thousands of shares of stock this week, who is cashing in and for how much. join us at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry is here. this looks pretty bad the way he landed. >> second game of the season. i can't believe it. devastating logs for the warriors, brandon rush with a
9:55 pm
knee injury that appears to be serious. warriors versus memphis, sparing no expense for the full orchestra and the bridge to san francisco perhaps. grizzlies one of the most athletic. rudy gay with authority! monster reverse jam. scary moment and getting hammered by scat randolph and lands on that left knee. he will have an mri and could be gone for quite a while. curry, at 17 points, three assists in the first half, making up for a poor shooting and warriors down four at the half. randolph, two hand flush. memphis up 12 after three-quarters and midway through the fourth, 88-77, grizzlies. >> the cal football team. without their best player keenan
9:56 pm
allen but they are hosting washington. such a sloppy turnover game. gold towel was in the area but all the glitter is not gold. instead its fumble. cal driving in the first detonator and huskies recover. leads to a td run. 7-0. second quarter, cal with some tricks, the reverse with chris harper and he hits the corner. dives for the pylons, 14 yards and we are tied at 7. cal defense just before the half. forbes deflects the pass from keith price and tied at 7. third and goal from the 29-yard line, he hits austin for the touchdown. huskies on top 14-13. at one point there were three turnovers in six plays. a former recruit maynard left
9:57 pm
the game hobbling and bears 21 handicap 13. they are guaranteed to have a losing -- 21-13. >> quarterback position is now into turning into a job sharing extenuation. offense is often sluggish. kevin ogan is getting more snaps. his mobility adds to stanford's arsenal. he had one pass and hogan is going to get 12-20 plays tomorrow. >> good think for us. to get back to offensive rhythm. there is so many things we do so well. we do have execute where we are looking at different plays and get our guys feeling good about themselves. getting first downs. we have to get our line is 20 first downs.
9:58 pm
>> college football, starts off at 9:00 a.m. with oklahoma and iowa state. then nebraska and michigan state at 12:30. 5:00, kansas city state against oklahoma state. new york city michael bloomberg has cancelled the new york city marathon after days of pressure from many in new york who are still reeling from super storm sandy. it would have taken place this sunday drawing over 47,000 runners and more than million spectators. >> national hockey league has cancelled the classic. it was scheduled between the red wings and maple leaves. it was going to be at michigan stadium. in the mist of a player lockout it doesn't have enough time to adequately stage the game although some think this is a leverage play in initiations. >> second resigned of the championship in china, putting
9:59 pm
for an eagle on 7. phil mickelson with a birdie on 12, drano. side for six -- tied for 6. he has a five-stroke lead heading to the third round. >> what mess the nhl season. >> it's unfortunate. if they lose this new year's day game. the whole season may follow. it happened in 2004 and 2005 they wiped out the whole season. >> that is it for this edition. for all of us here, thank you so much for watching. we appreciate your time. hope you see us at 11:00 over on channel 7. have a good night and good weekend.

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